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This cricket management game allows you to create your own team, improve your stadium, hire/fire staff and trade players in order to win your division!

If you do not have an account they are free to create. Create an account here.
To check the history of the game goto history of test cricket manager.

This game needs donations in order to keep going, any amount will do :)
All funds that you have end of BETA will receive a 50% bonus.
So if you donate $20 now you will start the full version with $30.
And what can you do with this money? Wander over to account to see the bonuses you can get.
Donations can be made via PAYPAL to the account of koala@koalacomics.com.au; PLEASE include your ID number with your payment (or else I don't know which account to put the funds into!).

We currently have 29 paying members :)

There are bugs in this game (lots of bugs!) and this is because I simply don't have the time to completely play test things myself.

So if you do find a bug (or have a suggestion) then please email me at koala@koalacomics.com.au and I will put it into my 'bug list'.
If you do send me an email please tell me which version of the game you are on (this is next to the logo in the top right corner when playing that game - current version is 0.9a) and the bug/suggestion.
Please give as much description as possible when entering a bug report to it make it easy for me to find and correct.
At Version 0.98 I will be creating a forum board which will include a place for all bug reports.

Game is now active and in BETA mode (Version 0.9a).

Feel free to create a free account and start playing. On the history page is what aspects of the game are currently running and what is being done.
This is a free cricket management game that will always remain free.

Version history
Please note that database is wiped each version (this is for balance issues)

(Note that all bugs will try to be eradicated before I start work on the next version.)

0.05 Getting game engine working. Ability to create team, change tactics and play game.
0.1 Daily points.
0.15Team line up and tactics.
0.2 Ability to check team, and player, statistics. Able to check statistics overall. History of games.
0.25 Financials. e.g Revenue and expenses.
0.3 Play game.
0.35 HOF (Hall of Fame).
0.4 Player training.
0.45 Ability to hire and fire staff.
0.5 Hire feelance players.
0.55 Tournaments.
0.6 Juniors.
0.65 Staff and player auctions.
0.7 Buildings and stadium improvements.
0.75 Scouts.
0.8 Player skills.
0.85 Leagues.
0.9 Full Tutorial for new players and BETA stage officially starts.
0.91 Automate payment system for those that wish to buy a premium account for added bonuses (Account) Please note that the game will remain FREE to play.
0.98 Forum board created. All outstanding features are completed.
1.0 OFFICIALLY the start of the game. Hopefully August 2015.
    1.0+ This is my list of things to do AFTER the game goes live
  • Trophy room
  • Uniform
  • Internal email
  • Ongoing leagues
  • International matches and leagues
  • Random events

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