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Test cricket manager version history

JUNE 2013

  • Public release of version 0.85 (Yes, I did skip a few versions :)
  • Junior scouts.
  • Ability to scout through all players.
  • Player skills.
  • Leagues.

MAY 2013

  • Public release of version 0.6
  • Completed junior development.
  • Ability to auction staff.
  • Ability to auction, dismiss and extend contracts of players.

APRIL 2013

  • Public release of version 0.55
  • Completed the CUP tournament (knock out).
  • Completed the MEDAL tournament (survivor).

MARCH 2013

  • Completed the TROPHY tournament (round robin).


  • Public release of version 0.5
  • Completed accounts (revenue & expenses).
  • Can hire and fire staff; staff auctions are not done though :(
  • Can now use your daily points - and they all work!
  • Ability to hire freelance players for your team.


  • Theoretically got the engine working, just need to playtest it and get the bugs out!
  • Did a lot of playtesting to make sure engine works.


  • Spending a lot more time on the game now.
  • Re-worked engine, got it working about 5 times faster now; this should help with the amount of traffic I am expecting!

JULY 2012

  • Came back to work on game, let's hope I can get it finished this time!
  • Completed website.


  • Upgraded the engine code, improved performance speed by 75%. Thanks to the coding wizards who showed me a few tricks :)
  • Player statistics were done.
  • Team statistics were done.
  • Hall of Fame was done, this shows the top ten in major categories.
  • Version 0.1 was released - and a piece of code refused to work on the production server so you couldn't play a game :(


  • Vastly improved code for the updating of players and teams, before this could take up to 2 minutes and most people would have assumed that the program had crashed; now it takes around 0.14 - 0.16 of a second to do.


  • Leagues sort of implemented :) International games coded but won't be starting this version.
  • If involved in a game it will automatically update the score card if you have javascript enabled.
  • Ability to choose line up of team and tactics.

MAY 2011

  • Did website.
  • Ability to change options during game.

APRIL 2011

  • Got game up and running. You could now challenge and accept challenges.
  • Finished game play.


  • Took a year off programming to concentrate on other projects, starting up again.
  • Could create teams, view players.


  • Had the game up and running in ASP programming language (could create teams and play against one another).
  • Game slowed right down with little players, this was because the server couldn't handle it (database couldn't handle so many concurrent users). I won't blame Microsoft for this as the documentation of Access states that it can't handle the sort of traffic we were having.
  • Tried to set up LINUX server and MYSQL database with ASP but it doesn't work like that. Needed to learn PHP programming language in order to use Linux and Mysql.
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