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Frequently asked questions

  • Is all this free?
    At the moment it's all free and everything you see will remain free. There will be bonuses for those who are paying members.
  • I have a suggestion!
    Let me know about it!  Either in the forum board or email me directly.
  • How accurate will this game be?
    Very accurate according to ICC rules, if the ICC changes a rule then it will be included in the next update; at the moment I am adding referrals to the game which is taking longer than I expected.
  • The West Indies is not a country!
    I know, it's a confederation made up of 15 nations (Jamaica and Barbados among them). Unfortunately, due to time and programing restraints, all players will go under the West Indies banners and not their home countries.
  • Can I have multiple accounts?
    Short answer: NO. Long answer: 98% of exploits in this game are only possible via the use of multiple accounts so it's a definate no-no.
  • How can I compete with teams that have been around a while and are powerful?
    Age. All crickters retire between the ages of 30-40 so each team turns over players at a constant rate. Build up junior development schools and buy the odd player to fill a gap in your side and you should have a team that can hold its own.
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