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Hi and welcome to a lighter side look at some of the bugs found in the code

Please note that they have all been fixed :)
  • At the end of each match each player was to have their abilities improved based on how they did during the game; unfortunately I left out a + sign which meant that the player was updated to the new skill level, not added. So if you're batting skill was 120 and it was going to add on 7 points, it actually make your batting skill 7 points instead :(
  • When a player was updated it didn't check to see if the player was actually yours, so you could upgrade other teams players.
  • In the database a teams money couldn't be a negative amount, it simply stayed at 0 if you went into negative numbers.
  • An easter egg was put into the game that if the random name generator gave you the last name of 'Bradman' then you would also receive the skill of 'Bradmanesque', unfortunately someone worked out that if you named your player 'Bradman' then you got the ability! Don't need 11 batters? then simply sell 5 and rake in the cash.
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